Why Use Silent Pocket Products?


Full Shielding Faraday Cage Products

Faraday Cage Sleeve For Smart Phone Block Signal

A FARADAY CAGE is simply an enclosure designed to block electronic signals and radiation. Silent Pocket's Faraday line was inspired by creating privacy and security protection for our numerous wireless devices.  Once you drop your tablet or smartphone into one of our Faraday products, ALL signals to and from the device are cut off from the grid.  It's as though they are turned off with the battery taken out.

WHY DO WE NEED THIS?  Without this protection, hackers can track you and/or steal all of your sensitive information such as passwords and photos, leaving you at great financial and personal risk.


RFID Wallet secure leather faraday cage

Credit and debit cards, passports, and driver's licenses now come with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips.  Mobile payment apps and contactless cards  work on Near Field Communication (NFC).

WHY SHOULD I USE THESE WALLETS?  Hackers can "skim" card information wirelessly, stealing your credit card numbers and PINs, or other sensitive information from your passport or driver's license. Highest grade materials / fashion forward.  

Anti-Radiation Phone Cases

Anti-Radiation Phone Case EMR Protection Radiation Blocker Phone Case RFID Secure

Cell phones emit Electromagnetic Fields & Radiation (EMF/EMR), which have been shown in studies to cause different types of cancers in both genders and infertility in men.  All major cell phone manufacturers include a warning in the user's manual as well.

Why should I use an anti-radiation phone case or wallet?  Our cases and wallets are designed to deflect and absorb up to 99% of all types of radiation (RF, ELF, and thermal).  As often as we talk on and check our phones these days, all of us need the radiation protection our products provide.