GPS Tracking and Smartphones: Your Location Can Be Tracked With Your Phone Number

July 08, 2014 2 min read 2 Comments

Locaid gps tracking smart phone



What is a Loc-Aid Service?

Yes, it’s true, and yes, you should be concerned - anyone with your cell phone number can track your location via your phone.  

In fact, you can find offers all over the net advertising tracking services. Everything fromLoc-Aid, the ‘Big Guns’ of Location as a Service that has their fingers in the cookie jars of every major carrier in the US including Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more, toLife360, a Loc-Aid offspring offering their services to keep families connected, to questionable ‘catch your cheating spouse’ apps.

You may not have even have heard of Loc-Aid, but their existence is something you should pay attention to. Why? Because it means you could be tracked without your consent, and you may never know.  



How Do I Protect Myself From GPS Tracking?


First thing you should do is not let your phone out of your possession and/or know where it is at all times.  If someone can physically access your phone, they could install any number of malicious GPS tracking apps. 

The next most important thing you should do is utilize a Faraday cage product when your phone is not in use.  Putting your phone into a Faraday sleeve instantly cuts off ALL signals to and from your phone, making tracking an impossibility so long as it's inside the sleeve.

Here is a 30% discount coupon on our Dual Faraday Carryalls which will block ALL signals to and from your phone or tablet.  Copy and paste it, click on it to get to the proper page, then apply it during checkout:  thedualiscool


GPS Tracking | Locaid | Faraday Sleeve


Now, of course there is still a caveat on location tracking with services likeLoc-Aid. Their terms of service agreements require ‘permission-based tracking’. In order to participate in mobile tracking from someone like your employer, you would have to respond affirmatively to the text message Loc-Aid would send you before it tracked your location and delivered that data to your tracker.




Using a service likeLife360, your family would again have to opt-in and give permission to the tracking, or you would opt-in on behalf of your minor child.

But, let’s dig deeper into the more unsavory side of publicly available tracking services: ‘catch your cheating spouse’ apps. With these apps, the efficacy of the tracking is based upon the user’s access to the device they want to track. If your spouse, significant other, co-worker, stalker, etc. were to gain access to your phone for even a few minutes, even Loc-Aid’s software could be used maliciously against you.

Note:installing tracking software in a spouse, significant other, or unsuspecting person’s device is not legal in the US, and you could find yourself facing hefty federal fines and imprisonment for doing it.

Still, there are hackers and identity thieves out there who will do it anyway. This is what malicious hacking looks like on your smartphone:



How to block GPS tracking with a Silent Pocket:



Do yourself and buy a Silent Pocket, full Faraday cage product now.  What's a few dollars as opposed to privacy, security, and peace of mind?





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March 04, 2022

So someone would have to have put tracking software on the phone? There’s not a way to do it with just a number and a PC or other device without the tracking software on the phone? Is there a way to find out if the tracking software is on a phone, and if so how?


June 24, 2021

This is terrifying….

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