Instagram is sharing your exact location and here is how to stop it

August 26, 2022 2 min read

Instagram is sharing your exact location and here is how to stop it

With the newest iOS release, Instagram has had a major update to its location tracking and it’s really putting you and your privacy in jeopardy. 

The social media giant can now publish and track your EXACT location unless you take control of your privacy with these steps! 

There are three options for how Instagram can post your location information. Notice how I said post and not track? The fact is they are tracking your location, age, gender and what time you are most active on the app. Don’t believe me? Here is a snapshot of our business account. 

Three Location Options: 

When your location is set to ‘Never’ Instagram won’t tag your location in a post or story. 

Location Settings ‘Ask Next Time or When I Share’and‘While Using the App’These options will ask you or will share your location such as a park, restaurant, or city you are posting from. When you have‘precise location’turned on it will tag you within feet of where you are standing. We find this super creepy and dangerous for humanity. Why do you want millions of Instagram users to know where you live, work, or even worse where your child goes to school?

We want to educate you on how to turn this feature OFF IMMEDIATELY! 

Go tophone settings > Instagram > Location > & make sure ‘precise location’ is turned OFF! 

STEP 1 - Go to phone settings.


STEP 2 - Select the Instagram App within your Phone Settings. 


STEP 3 - Select Location.


STEP 4 -  Swipe 'precise location’ OFF 

Tracking and precise location aren’t just happening on Instagram it’s an ongoing invasion of privacy on all Apps. 

At SLNT® we recommend making it a habit to always set your location to‘NEVER’ If you want to let people know where you have been there is a safer way. Use hashtags while posting on social media #NYC or #Centralpark. Nobody needs to know that you are standing at the corner of 7th and 2nd ave.

The truth is Apps will always find a way to track us regardless of our settings and software. There is only one #proven way to completely go off the grid and become untrackable,  that’s with a SLNT® Faraday Sleeve. #goslnt

Curtis Jacob
Curtis Jacob

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