7 Tips on How to Limit Radiation Exposure From Your Cell Phone

January 10, 2018 4 min read

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Like most people, you use your phone from the moment you wake up to the second you go to sleep. You probably use your phone as your alarm or sleep with it under your pillow. Sound about right? As technology becomes integrated into our daily lives, almost everything is accessible from your cell phone which is extremely convenient and saves us a lot of time. There are also downsides to having our cell phones integrated into our everyday lives. Cell phones emit radio frequency radiation which our body in returns absorbs. This however in the long run can be damaging to our overall health. Research has shown radiation can mutate and damage cellular DNA causing cancer and other health hazards. Here are some tips to minimize your exposure to radiation.

1. Use Your Speaker Phone Or A Bluetooth Headset

    It is important to use your speaker phone or a headset while talking on the phone because it limits the exposure. When you have the phone held up to your ear, radiation is absorbed mainly through your brain. Using speaker phone will decrease the exposure since it is farther away from your body. A headset will also keep your phone away from your body creating less exposure to you. When you are finished with your call, it is recommended to take off the headset and only wear it while on the phone.

    2. Text More, Talk Less

      Millennials will love this. Yes we are saying it, text more and talk less on the phone. Your cell phone emits less radiation when texting than when on talking on the phone with someone. If it is a quick question or comment, shoot your friend a text rather than a call. If you know you will be making a business call or long call, use a landline (if you still know what that is) to eliminate this exposure.

      3. Only Use Your Cell Phone When You Have Good Signal

      When your cell phone’s network is weak or searching for signal, the phone produces more radiation trying to find signal. In order to reduce high exposure, it is best to avoid any phone activities including texting, calls, and surfing the web when your phone is searching for service. Cell phones give off stronger emissions when looking for If you have low bars, hold off on using your phone until you have full bars!

      4. Don’t Store Your Phone In Your Pocket

      Even when your phone is not in use, it still is looking for signal. When it looks for signal, it is still exposing you to radiation. If you have to carry it on you, have the keyboard facing you and battery away from you. This will result in less absorption or radiation.

      5. Avoid Making Calls In Any Type Of Transportation (ie car, bus, subway)

      Your cell phone works harder to keep reconnecting to an antenna because the vehicle is constantly moving, so the exposure to radiation will increase. Cell phones also create more radiation exposure when you are in enclosed metal like a car or elevator.

      6. Turn Your Phone Off At Night

      Dust off your old alarm clock and start using it again! When you are sleeping, you are most vulnerable to toxins and radiations. Many people sleep with their phones on next to them or on their bed stand which can expose you to radiation and electric magnetic fields. Even when you turn your phone on Airplane Mode, you can still absorb radiation from the battery. To make sure you are avoiding this turn off your phone completely and reap the benefits.

      7. Use An Anti-Radiation Phone Case

      An Anti-Radiation phone case is the best solution to limiting and minimizing radiation exposure from cell phone usage. Silent Pocket’s Anti-Radiation Phone Case is an Anti-Radiation and RFID secure hard case with real leather detail. It provides security, convenience, health and physical protection. Slim, classic design with genuine leather and durable black plastic. This phone case instantly deflects and blocks cell phone radiation to the body, which includes Thermal Radiation (heat) & Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF). This cell phone case is simple and meant to be integrated into your everyday life.

       It is important to take precautions on this matter. Since cell phones have only been integrated into our everyday lives for the last 15 years, there has been minimal research on the long term effects of consist cell phone usage. From the research that has been done, it shows that brain cancer and tumors could be a result from consistent cell phone exposure. Take matters into your own hand and use these tips to your advantage. Practicing these tips will help minimize exposure and keep you healthy. The greatest recommendation is to invest in an Anti-Radiation Phone Case. These phone cases are relatively inexpensive and in the long term help you limit your exposure to radiation from radio frequencies and other electric magnetic fields.

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