EMP and Solar Flare Protection

March 04, 2022 1 min read

EMP and Solar Flare Protection

Personal EMP and Solar Flare Protection

Did you know that one of the biggest uses of a Faraday cage is to protect electronic devices from an EMP blast or Solar Flare?

If you don't know what happens in these events, In layman's terms, there is a massive energy surge that can knock out any connected devices that are on the grid. This means that all phones, laptops, tablets, televisions, radios, speakers, generators, etc. will all be rendered useless.


Unless you take this step.

Faraday cage emp and solar flare protection

To integrate a Faraday cage into long term storage options and everyday carry. As Faraday is our bread and butter, we talk about this frequently, but a refresher is always nice. A Faraday cage in essence talks the signal and disperses it around what's inside. With early versions being a giant metal cage that one would stand in as electricity was dispersed around it and not shock the people inside.

Our version is a little more streamlined.

silent pocket multishield faraday material

Integrating a metal Faraday cage into our exclusive Silent Pocket® Multishield® Faraday material to block wireless signals and connectivity in a thin form from our flagship Faraday sleeves to our multiple device solutions bags, backpacks, and our standalone material.

This means that if a device is inside a Faraday product during one of these events that the energy surge will be dispersed around the device and your devices will be working once the surge has settled down.

Giving you the upper hand while everyone is wondering what just happened to all of their electronic devices.

Take the first step today: SLNT® Faraday Products

slnt silent pocket faraday sleeve