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Your Phone Isn't Actually off Unless you do This

March 25, 2022 2 min read

Your Phone Isn't Actually off Unless you do This

A big question that we get all the time is, "Why don't I just turn my phone off?"

But there's a big reason this doesn't work.

You Can't Take the Battery Out.

This is true in most current electronic devices, but this simple fact means that your devices are susceptible to wireless threats. Furthermore, most people don't even turn their computers off, they just shut them which still leaves them online.

One of the key features of iOS 15 and most electronic devices these days is that they can still be tracked even when they're "off." Because the battery is connected they are still technically on the grid and accessible by all wireless signals. This is similar to how key fob relay attacks work, there is just enough "power" to access a device and track its location even while "off" and not actively drawing power.

Many people may not realize this but Apple's lates iOS 15 update even calls this out!

iphone findable when "off"

They are looking to pitch this as something beneficial for the user, but it really means that you are constantly susceptible to being tracked (even stating this outright), hacked, or more!

The solution?

You guessed it.

Integrate a Faraday Sleeve into your daily life. You may think turning your devices off are allowing you to travel without being "followed" by the online world, but without this simple step you are very susceptible.

Each sleeves is designed to look at home where ever you go, durable to withstand the bumps of everyday life, are completely analog so no need to make sure you have batteries or the like on your person in case something happens, and most importantly block all signals in and out to allow you to connect when YOU want to.