Why use a Faraday Sleeve?

April 14, 2022 3 min read

Why use a Faraday Sleeve?

Why should you use a Faraday Sleeve?

Quite honestly, the reasons are endless. But we get this question a lot and thought we should go through some the reasons that we think EVERYONE should begin to use these in daily life.

1. We use our devices too often outside of necessary activities.

This might come as a shock to some.

However, it's the truth. There is no real reason we should be spending as much time on our phones, laptops, or tablets outside of work, school, etc. An hour here or there may not seem like much, but it quickly adds up into Months that you have spent on your devices.

We have a great Screen Time Calculator on our Phone Detox Guide:

So how does a Faraday Sleeve help that? It's simple really.

Because our products block all signals going in and out, when your device is inside you won't get any notifications from any social media, no calls or texts, and no late night reminders from work (think slack or email). 

In essence, you can shut off from the outside world.

2. Everything Tracks Your Location

How many times have you gone to open a new application you just downloaded only to be prompted immediately to share your location?

You might have agreed to this thinking there's no harm.

If you said yes, than you opened the flood gates. This application is now painting a picture of everywhere you travel to, whether it's your moms house for dinner, a coffee shop you frequent, or your workplace, it's now all logged.

All of these apps claim this is private information, but a quick google search and you can discover just how many times this information has been leaked or hacked.

In other words, there's a reason that you just walked by a coffee shop and then got an ad for it the next time you opened your phone...

A Faraday Sleeve blocks the GPS signal in your phone from transmitting while it is on or OFF!

Yes, even "off" it can be tracked! And they don't hide it!

This doesn't just apply to your phone, it's very common to just shut the lid of your laptop instead of turning it off.

Here's a quick way to make sure that your computer isn't trying to connect when it isn't supposed to.

3. Bluetooth Tracking is Real.

What's that you might ask?

Have you noticed that when you go to connect to a bluetooth device that anything with bluetooth turned on pops up?

The right thieves now use this as a way to locate devices in their area that are "open" to taking.

To you, storing your laptop in your trunk or under your seat while you run in a store might be secure enough. But those brief time periods are all a thief needs to know that you have an expensive device inside your car.

The added security of a Faraday Sleeve ensures that the Bluetooth signals are blocked and your device's location isn't being broadcasted.

4. Our devices store a massive amount of private personal and work information.

You might not realize it, but the common device holds all of your financial information, passwords to most websites and accounts, and not to mention the bevy of important personal and/or work information.

If you travel or commute constantly, then your devices are at risk in any public and well trafficked areas. 

With our line of easy to use and well-designed Faraday Sleeves you can integrate these into your daily belongings and know that no one is going to be able to hack your devices.

5. We weren't designed for this.

Simply put, our human bodies were not designed for active and continuous use of electronic devices.

Especially how close to our bodies we use them!

The SAR Rating (Specific Absorption Rate) measure the amount of energy is absorbed into the human tissue per sample volume.

These devices are relatively new into the world, and because of that there are unknown longterm effects of constantly holding your phone, putting it to your ear, using your laptop on your lap, etc.

These companies "test" these devices to a standard that was established in the early days when they weren't as powerful, and this is then hidden in your phones menu.

If you have any Apple devices, you can find it here.

Using a Faraday Sleeve or Bag blocks the EMF radiation from your device(s) and allows your body to recover from any prolonged use.